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Trying out self-hosting using GoToSocial. Another account at

Work @ on GStreamer, PipeWire & PulseAudio. ❤️ C, Rust & Haskell. Atheist. Views my own.

Metalhead. Love Old School Death, Black and Thrash metal. My profile Blog infrequently @

When I am not working or obsessed with code, I love to cook or watch anime. I love to read, but my reading has fallen by the wayside in the last few years. Also spend a lot of time watching food, cooking, train travel and Ramen/Udon street shop videos on NewPipe. Do you watch a lot of Mark Wiens 😄? Do you have recipes to share, especially using a Skillet or Wok? Send them across 😄.

Moved over from instance. Was sanchayan_maity on Twitter (now deleted).

#GStreamer, #PipeWire, #C, #Rust, #Haskell, #Programming, #Cooking, #Metal, #HeavyMetal, #Linux, #OpenSource, #FOSS, #Technology, #GoToSocial, #fedi22

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Sanchayan . @sanchayan,

One of the pictures which depicts everything that is wrong with this country.

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Sanchayan . @sanchayan,

Picked up the Ather 450X today for my wife. She has yet to get a driving licence, so I rode it home. It's well build. The engine makes a nice purring noise like a kitten and features like in-built maps, auto hold, park assist etc is just like how it should be.

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Sanchayan . @sanchayan,

I gave an online talk yesterday (we did not have a recording setup) on the extensible effects and freer monads paper by Oleg Kiselyov yesterday.

Been trying to understand the internals of effect systems over the last two months and that has also got me interested in exploring kan-extensions and adjunctions.

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